Noblesse Oblige In Action International

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Noblesse Oblige in action International is a global, educational, non-profit , non-political, secular, social, economic, open minded community which was created by Barrington Roy Schiller in 2010 in the belief that the grass root potential of humanitarian problems needs inspiration to play a positive role in strengthening the economic, education and cultural efforts that are vital to the progress of holistic human advancement. We focus on ethics and supporting the principles of spiritual and universal understanding and values of respect, justice, peace, dignity, freedom, equality, responsibility, cooperation, life, death and things between which are universal in nature to have a deeper understanding of humanity and transcend the boundaries of religion, ethnicity, gender and geography; one earth and one global nation; a peace culture combating greed and selfishness to enable all to live with prosperity and dignity valuing every one of nature’s creations. We are Interdenominational, of every caste, creed, religion, colour and persuasion and commit ourselves to living ethically, abandoning greed, selfish behaviour Attitude and supporting humanitarian values for the less fortunate. We receive no salary or any other benefit other than expenses incurred for sustenance, education and accommodation.

Since our inception we have used our own limited resources to motivate and inspire others to organize themselves to create a holistic, positive, peaceful and transforming Global Nation Citizenship in which to boost their skills, knowledge, education, self-esteem. Now though we need your help to provide a solution for the betterment of the deprived sections of society by funding, providing or investment in care in the community, arranging housing, food, clothing, shelter for the homeless as well as child care and quality education up to graduation or a vocational qualification for marginalised and needy families, pregnant teenagers and mothers, children, school dropouts and the elderly worldwide to enable them to go on to be able to care for themselves as an equal and productive member of society. Also to provide awareness and assist with applications for government Social Welfare Programs related to maternal and child health, bullying, nutrition, social security and support for widows and orphans. This Personal development/empowerment builds confidence to analyse and participate in community decisions, take on leadership roles to provide sustainable livelihoods, education, child care, prosperity for the deprived and ultimately combat poverty, homelessness, Injustice, domestic violence, lack of livelihood while attempting to introduce government and other agencies to join hands with the people to achieve a long term-sustainable atmosphere in the community to work towards a non-violent, global culture of peace, solidarity, equality, inclusiveness, shared responsibility, harmony, cooperation, goodwill, child care and reverence for the sacredness of all life through active peaceful engagement. We are Passionate about Poverty, inequality, human trafficking, HIV Aids, Hepatitis B, TB, Malaria and mental health problems to eradicate and liberate deprived people from the bondage of socio-economic poverty globally but simply put , if we are to continue we need your time, financial help or fundraising support . None of our staff from the CEO to those who serve our guests receive any salary or any other benefit other than expenses for sustenance, education and accommodation while actively operating on behalf of the NGO

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