This is important kids so make your parents sit and take the couple of minutes to read it.

Hi Mums, Dads, Grans, Legal guardians, etc ( hope I didn't forget anyone)

Crime only needs people to look the other way when they see criminal acts for the world in which we live to become more unpleasant for every good person. Crime is organised but now so are we!

NEVER take the law into your own hands. There are police officers to do that but we can help them by simply keeping our eyes and ears open. Many homes now have movement sensors which operate lights when there is movement in front of the house. One day we hope to have people registered with us who are willing to connect small cctv cameras to these so that the next time a crime occurs in your community outside of the major towns
( which are already covered by cctvand have reduced crime) or a child goes missing, we will be able to follow the route and see exactly what happened to the child. Not everyone ,of course will be able to do that so we really want to promote Nosy Parkers, Nosy Smiths and in fact to make people far more nosy than they already are. So get your granny to plonk herself next to the window and play car-spotting by writing down the numbers of any cars she doesn't recognise. Remember to let us know that she is doing it though or we won't know who to call when there's a problem in her street.

Your help is really needed. Tell mum and Dad not to be apathetic. ( They know what it means)

We need volunteers: (No one here gets paid):even if it's just to be willing to keep an eye on the comings and goings in your street. Remember nosiness is good if one kid is saved. And register with us !!!! If a kid goes missing the first 3 hours are essential. You CAN make a difference without going out of your way 

We need:----

Spotters: to report crime in the community to us

Investigators: to investigate the reports we have received

Area Co-ordinators: To help us promote Crimespotters

Media Personnel: To get our message into the Media and speak for us in Interviews

Legal Eagles: To advise us on how we keep within the laws of the land

Fund Raisers: Because even though we don't have salaries we do need, pens, bus rides, phone calls etc and it's not fair for the volunteers to pay for these themselves.

Sponsors: Maybe your company can be a sponsor and have their logo on our site.

Junior spotters: To keep us informed by writing to us about once a month about what's going on at their school and in their street ( Kids must never, never, never undertake anything that their parents don't agree with. Mum and Dad always know best )

So there you go. These are just ourfirst ideas but if you have any others we want to hear about them so let me know how you feel you can help best.

Too many children go missing. All I ask is that each parent reading this asks themselves what they would do if it were their child and then to pray that it never is. But to know that they can sleep securely in the knowledge that the chance of finding a Missing child within the critical first 3 hours is increased because a group of normal people are not afraid of being called busy bodies.

Please help us however you can and please please please complete the following and submit it just so that we know you support our ideals. We will definitely not pass the information on to ANYONE without first asking you

Reports on bullying and drugs will follow this one

Please Please Please let us know you are there. The community can eradicate crime if we pull together. Crims don't like being watched so they'll go to a softer target. Make our village safer. Register here, Now!

If you would like to find out more about Crimespotters work and how you can help please complete this little form . (KIDS PLEASE GET YOUR MUM AND DAD TO FILL IT IN FOR YOU)

YOUR First and last NAME:

your E-MAIL:


COUNTRY you live in:


Please contact your local Crimestopper's
Office if you have information on any
crime at your school, club, or community
on Reportacrime@Crimespotters. No
 matter how large or small. ( Vandalism and bullying are also crimes ). Absolute  Discretion assured.

Best Regards,

Barry Schiller

(I regret that there are just not enough hours in the day for me to take Phone calls or receive visitors. Send me your offers to help to and I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can. (Admin volunteers also needed)