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"A Cloak of Discretion & Confidentiality is our most important weapon in Law enforcement"

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A little about us ..........
Intertecs, the International Detection, Investigators, Surveillance and Counter-Espionage Specialists in C3I was founded  in 1971 in Berlin, West Germany by NATO and in particular SHAPE Intelligence officers, colleagues and Administration personnel when the end of the Cold war was coming to it's end.  A group of colleagues with varying intelligence  backgrounds investigated how their relevant "talents" could be utilised in a civilian commercial non-military environment.

That experience now benefits Governments, Corporations and Individuals worldwide and has been enhanced by the addition of Ex Law enforcement, Military and Government personnel to offer assistance and training.  

The name came from the words International Detectives as our contacts are worldwide and whether you wish to engage us, join us or take part in one of our training courses, either at one of our centres or via distance learning  please contact us. Our HQ is now in the UK but we operate globally.

Best Regards

Barry  Schiller 

Our Procedure
The client's first Point of contact nowadays is always an email to our cyber office. From here the security level and urgency is determined, the relevant action is taken and a relevant Cell  is appointed. There is no cross contact between cells. A store detective cell, of which there would be one in each city would therefore not be aware of the Identity of the Close protection or Urban protection Cell of which there may only be 4 or 5 Cells in each country. In turn each close protection cell would not know the identity of the operatives in the other cells. This ensures what some would consider to be a too high level of discretion but each staff member is fully trained and is happy to work on a "need to know" basis. For added security no operational records or personnel files are kept at any point of contact. Our preference is always to recruit our staff from our trainees however Specialists are regularly enlisted on a contract basis to advise. All personnel are expected to honour and follow  the United nations declaration of human rights



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