First and foremost we offer DISCRETION and  free of charge training for beginners



Nice Girls Club
this website is for you. Men are only accepted if they come as part of a couple. For long enough the guys have ruled when it comes to the adult industry. Now we girls have clubbed together to take over and we are here to show you how to make money in the adult industry without losing the respect which you have in the community where you live.

If you want to hear how to earn from the assets which Nature gave you then this site is for you. The site may contain adult material so if you are averse to that please do not enter the site.  

NICE SEXY GIRLS  Can earn lots of money with us as either as:-

* a Glamour model, 
* Adult film actress.
* Erotic dancer in clubs,
* in private films 
* a Kiss or  Stripogram,
* a Masseuse,
* an Escort, or
* a Hostess
* a Travel companion
* with a webcam

Work locally, abroad, or in  towns where you are not known. Full time, part time or hourly to suit. any age, 

Sexy?  Then contact us informally and discretely. You could be on your way  to  a life of luxury as one of our " nice girls"  with an exciting job in the Adult entertainment industry. EMAIL HERE  or   ENTER  for more info.