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Wk 40

What is a profession?

What is a professional?

What makes OT different?
The specialist training
Knowledge of activity as a therapeutic tool
We learn to take activity to pieces

Write a brief statement describing OT

We work to a Health and social care model as opposed to a medical model.

OT is the use of purposeful activity to improve client's life

"Occupational therapists shall accept referrals which they deem to be appropriate and for which they have the resources"

diagnostic statistical manual

OTs are responsible for gathering info and for making decisions regarding their cases.

People are individuals and inherently different
Occupation is fundamental to health and wellbeing
A person can use occupation and activity to develop maintain or restore health

Wk 41 7th October 2002 

OTs are members of Unison through baot but students aren't

We can access library remotely  Password is necessary but I don't want to put it here. Please contact if you have lost yours.

Reference code of ethics in assignments

Raise funds for cot conference in June

Prepare 15 mins on Health Professions Council for Wk 44 See link on Health Professions Council

learning styles
Student handbook
OHTs are on webboard 









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