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Affiliates Programme

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Intertecs affiliate.

Affiliates help us grow while sharing the rewards of that growth with us. For anyone with a little willingness to invest an hour or more per week sitting at his or her computer it is a perfect chance to earn more than most people are able to by working a whole week.

We base most of our payments upon an amazing 25% commission but each affiliate gets an exact breakdown of what they receive from each new recruit which comes to us from them or from each unit of revenue generated by them.

We also appoint a supervisor to each affiliate who is always on hand to help them, suggest ways for them to do better and generally assist them to be more profitable. Should you, at any time, not wish to be an affiliate any longer then there is not even any need to notify us. After 90 days of inactivity on your account it automatically lapses and you will hear no more from us unless you should wish to join us again at some time.

Apply now, you have nothing to lose but lots to gain. You will receive benefits as follows from us

1) Recruit another affiliate, operative or researcher and you will receive 25% of whatever we pay them. 

2) For each course purchased by anyone recommended by our affiliate ( i.e you ) we will pay you 25% of the course price ( 240 - 2400 per person ) which we receive from the scholar. To see examples of the courses we offer click here [ Courses ]

3) For any work undertaken directly by Intertecs operatives, security, investigators or researchers we will pay you 25% of any fees received from the client.

4) For any work undertaken by Intertecs operatives, security, investigators or researchers which we have had to subcontract to we will pay you 25% of any fees received from the client.

5) For sales of Banners and sponsoring of website 25% of revenue 

5) For supplying us with information such as addresses, telephone numbers, car registrations, medical records, social security details, history, employer, bank details  etc we pay depending upon the amount of information and the difficulty involved in obtaining the information

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