Treat yourself, a friend or a family member who you believe has what it takes to become a successful model.

Successful models work hard, are committed, reliable, dedicated, able to get on with all kinds of clients and are sometimes beautiful. However an average looking model with humility and personality will work and a beautiful Model who is self centred and not able to take direction won't!

Now you have the opportunity to live like a model and Indulge your divine side but we are only interested in finding the best and most suitable, committed models upon whom we can rely to put their all into the work.  

As a sign of our commitment we fly our own British photographers to cities all around the world to hold castings and take high quality test shots instead of appointing local photographers.

Our photographers know what the agencies we work with are looking for. Whether it be a fashion agency, a glamour agency, an agency specialising in mother and child, a runway agency  or even an ugly agency. They have the eye if you have the look. Our Photographers are not portrait or wedding photographers but fashion photographers and we do not use sterile studios but shoot the test shots in locations in and around 4 or 5 star hotel suites, roofs and gardens as do most fashion photographers.

On arrival on the day please arrive punctually at your booked time. You’ll be greeted in the reception of our top 5 star hotel in your chosen city. Please bear in mind that this is a job interview and not a photo studio you are paying for but we will treat you like a model and pamper you to the best of our ability as much as we would for any model so we will start with a  drink of your choice and snacks in the suite's lounge area. Our photographer will also be evaluating you during the day for all the qualities expected of a top model with punctuality and politeness to the photographer being paramount.

We will ask you to bring several changes of clothes with you. We suggest that you provide a range of 6-8 changes of clothing from casual to evening wear as well as accessories and jewellery to truly personalise your look. While arranging the changes of clothes you have brought with you our photographer will interview you to make you feel at ease while creating tailor made looks to suit each individual and establish your aims and wishes and discuss what look and pictures we’d like to achieve from your test shot casting session. Look funky, casual or sophisticated; the stylist will accommodate your tastes and requirements.

You will then receive a heavenly hand massage followed by a blissful mini-facial  to relax you  - leaving you sparkling from head to toe. After this pampering and consultation and styling session our professional hair and makeup stylist will do your make up and any dry hair styling which is necessary and you will be served drinks and discuss your new looks with the stylist before they work their magic and produce sensational images.

Our aim is to let our dedicated experts create a perfect look, capture your essence and show the world how fabulous you can look. This is the ultimate experience for anyone who likes to look good. You'll feel gorgeous and glamorous as you enter our suite for a photo shoot with a top British photographer who has flown to your city specially to shoot you.

Your photographer will create that look that will have jaws dropping for your eyes only. Apart from our staff in London you will be the only person seeing the shots so you can be as adventurous as you wish and those who see themselves in the lucrative world of swimsuit or Victoria's secret style lingerie modelling can pose for their own boudoir style photos.  

Please be aware that you might spend some time waiting between different parts of the experience, so bring a good book and enjoy the chance to relax!
Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.
Castings can be weekdays, weekends and all year round but our photographer will be in your city only for one or 2 days so are subject to availability
Please allow approximately half a day for the whole experience
In order to limit non-attendance and to repel wannabees and time wasters after we have flown a photographer across the globe we expect the model to pay a non refundable casting commitment payment of 498 upon booking either to us or to our agent in your city. 

As a gesture of our goodwill we will provide the model with a beautiful 10" x 8" photo taken on the day completely free of charge and if required we will assist in arranging the other shots which were taken into a portfolio .

back in London it can take up to eight weeks for your picture to be produced and for us to submit your test shots to the agencies which we work with in major European cities.

To ensure that the photograph arrives safely it will be sent by recorded delivery

Group bookings are limited to a maximum of 3 people but only one person is allowed in the room where the photos are taken at a time.

Please be aware that you might spend some time waiting between different parts of the experience, so bring a good book and enjoy the chance to relax

The casting content, equipment used and restrictions may vary according to venue

Please note that viewing sessions do not take place immediately after the photo shoot.





is based in London and we send photographers to cities
world wide to discover new talent for model agencies which are always seeking new faces.
When we find the talent we  manage and arrange a contact for them to get a contract to become signed to a European Model Agency, TV or advertising in England, Paris, Rome or the USA.
We cater for all types of modelling but always in accordance with the wishes of the model




Send us a current photo to arrange for us to send you more details of how you can attend a casting in your city
  Why choose Us?
We know that some of the most beautiful women in the world are in countries which need a visa for the UK or the USA so they can't come to our offices which is why we send our photographers to them and arrange a casting in their country.

In 2011 our photographers will be visiting towns in Russia, Georgia, Austria, Germany, France and several other countries.
If you would like  to  learn more about our castings.  Please email us with a current photo.
If you wish to work with us as a talent spotter and manage the models we use in your city please read on and
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