Every day every one us walks down the streets of our town and sees beautiful people. We go to clubs and see people we think should be on the front cover of magazines. Now is your chance to register with us as our agent / talent spotter. Not only will you have the chance to make other people's dreams come true but we will also pay you a finder's fee for the introduction and a continuing management fee based upon revenue generated for our company by the model you introduce.

To register with as an agent simply complete the form on the left. Before you apply please  Click here  to see what we expect from the models you find as we are only interested in serious applicants who are as committed as we are so there is a cost to the models when we fly from London to see them in their home town of 498 . Our agents/talent spotters receive 10%.



Send us a current photo to arrange for us to send you more details of how you can attend a casting in your city
  Why choose Us?
We know that some of the most beautiful women in the world are in countries which need a visa for the UK or the USA so they can't come to our offices which is why we send our photographers to them and arrange a casting in their country.

In 2011 our photographers will be visiting towns in Russia, Georgia, Austria, Germany, France and several other countries.
If you would like  to  learn more about our castings.  Please email us with a current photo.
If you wish to work with us as a talent spotter and manage the models we use in your city please read on and
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To get an extra 2000 each week just by introducing others who wish to do the same.
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